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What about your Dolphins makes you hopeful?

I've done several radio appearences nationally this week and will be on CBS-4 in South Florida Sunday night. In all the interviews I'm being asked what about these Dolphins is there to be hopeful, even optimistic about.


Here is my Top Five:

1. That first overall pick Jake Long becomes the stud anchor to the OL that his draft pedigree and salary demand.

2. That either Chad Henne or John Beck steps up and identifies himself as the QB of the future.

3. That Bill Parcells doesn't get frustrated, as Nick Saban did, and leaves. Although he is signed for four years the hope here is that he lasts at least two.

4. That Ted Ginn becomes the deep threat former GM Randy Mueller thought he would be. Ginn has had a promising offseason.

5. That the Dolphins don't suck too much, but nonetheless enough to have a top 3 pick in next April's draft. I know this sounds harsh but this team needs another outstanding infusion of talent from the draft before it can be mediocre. The most proven way to make that happen is to have high picks.

OK, that is my five. Give me your Top 5 things you are hopeful for and about...