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What might have been with Daunte Culpepper

Daunte Culpepper is still unemployed today.

Only two weeks from the start of NFL training camps and he has yet to find a suitable team to continue his once stellar but now sputtering career. Late last month he confirmed to various media outlets that he turned down a 1-year, $1 million contract from the Green Bay Packers.

Culpepper declined to say why he turned down the opportunity, but with the Brett Favre's career in resurrection mode of late, one might guess Culpepper saw this scenario coming a few weeks ago and wanted no part of it.

So he is still out there. And that leads me to wonder what might have been for Culpepper in Miami if only.

You should remember that Miami is where Culpepper wanted to play. Florida is his home and he felt like South Florida was a great place for him. But after coming to the Dolphins in a trade in 2006, Culpepper was never healthy.

Last offseason, the Dolphins cut Culpepper simply because new coach Cam Cameron was convinced Trent Green was better, healthier and more likely to bring the team some success. So much for those plans.

Anyway, Cameron promised Culpepper a quarterback competition but never delivered on that promise, cutting the player before he really had any chance to practice.

I did not then and don't now disagree that Miami needed to cut Culpepper if he wasn't healthy and couldn't compete. The Dolphins needed to move on if that was the case. My problem with the scenario as it happened was not allowing the competition to actually happen as promised.

If that competition would have happened, I wonder how Culpepper would have done. I wonder if he would have proved himself better than Green. I know he was better then and today continues to be better than Cleo Lemon. I know he would have played better last year than rookie John Beck.

The problem is that competition never happened.

And in many regards, Culpepper is suffering a similar fate now. No team is willing to give him a chance to compete for a job now. Despite uncertain QB situations in San Francisco, New York with the Jets, Minnesota, Chicago, Baltimore and Kansas City, Culpepper hasn't latched on with any of those teams for one reason or another.

I am told he reached out to Bill Parcells and the Dolphins early on in free agency and was never seriously considered although he and Josh McCown, the QB the team ultimately signed in free agency, delivered practically identical statistics last season.

Culpepper had a slightly better passer rating but took far more sacks due to his mobility issues. McCown threw more TDs and had a better completion percentage but his interception percentage was higher.

My questions to you ... Do you think the Dolphins did the right thing cutting Culpepper without having that promised competition? Do you agree with me he is better than Cleo Lemon? Would you have picked him over McCown or did the Dolphins get the right Oakland QB as a free agent?