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Addressing today's Beck and uniform rumors

I spend part of my work life chasing rumors and today is no different.

So far today I have chased two rumors that continue to persist and I am ready to report to you the first is true, the second is not.

It is true the Dallas Cowboys are mildly, and I do stress mildly, interested in quarterback John Beck. The Cowboys have winked, hand-signaled, called or e-mailed the Dolphins (however it is they do it) that they would be willing to part with a low-round draft pick for the second-year player.

Obviously, Beck remains on the Dolphins so nothing has actually materialized on that front.

Stay tuned, however, as Beck and Josh McCown continue to get minimal work in practice.

Onto another rumor ...

There have been persistent rumors the Dolphins are planning a uniform change this year. That is simply NOT true. The stuff about them going to silver pants and aqua helmets is just bunk.

The only change to Miami's uniform pattern of any significance is that the aqua pants will be added back to go with the white jerseys during road games. You saw that change in the opening road game of the preseason against Jacksonville.

So no uniform change. As I joked with a Dolphins official, that rumor is stomped like a bug.