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Can Pennington and Ginn work together?

Chad Pennington and the Dolphins receiver corps meet twice a week -- typically on Wednesday and Friday -- to watch film and talk and clear the air about different subjects. It's a good way for the players to forge a bond away from the field.

The group is also working together, according to coach Tony Sparano, after each practice on the field in an effort to find chemistry that way as well.

But the question I have, in all honesty, is how Ted Ginn Jr. and Pennington can bridge the divide between their playing styles and God-given gifts to make things work between the team's No. 1 receiver and starting quarterback?

I ask because I simply don't think these two guys are well-suited for one another.

Ginn is a developing player but we all know his strengths are speed and stretching the field. He is a long-strider who seems most comfortable running 9 routes and deep posts and skinny posts. He needs to go down the field in a straight line, outrun people, and get the ball thrown over the top of the defense.

Pennington, meanwhile, is a quarterback more comfortable working with his receivers on timing. He wants to know the ins and outs of their route-running so he can anticipate them coming out of their breaks and have the ball delivered to them as they come clear.

The fact is a deep sideline pass of 17 yards typically requires a QB to throw it about 24 yards on a line. Pennington can do it, but the ball doesn't really hum out there. I sails sometimes. So he prefers working the short middle of the field.

Pennington is not a quarterback you'll see throwing the ball 30, 40 or 60 yards down the sideline to the receiver. Those throws also require a strong arm. Pennington relies on the receiver catching it between 5 and 15 yards downfield then delivering YAC (yards after catch) if there is to be a big play.

Ginn, still learning to run precise routes, isn't a great timing receiver. He also isn't built for attacking the middle of a defense a lot, although he'll gladly do it if asked. Again, he is about speed and running by folks.

So how can a QB that relies on short passes and timing and a receiver that is best suited for getting behind a defense before he gets the ball mesh?

So far they have not. Pennington has completed two passes to Ginn this season. They were both of the short variety and Ginn didn't turn them into long gains because they came in traffic.

It seems to me like an obvious problem for the Dolphins. The solution?

Either Ginn has to drastically adjust his game and accept running short, precise routes in the middle of the field. Or the Dolphins need a stronger-armed quarterback that can fire over the top of the defense. Doesn't seem like rocket science to me.