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Fins must turn their house into a home [Update]

Have you looked at the Miami Dolphins' schedule lately? They play the Chargers this weekend and eventually follow with the Patriots, Broncos, Ravens and undefeated Bills within the span of the next eight weeks.

And this is the easy part of the schedule.

It's supposed to be easy because Miami plays six of its next eight games at home. Aside from the fact Dolphin Stadium will finally start looking like a full time football facility again -- with the Marlins infield finally sodded over starting this weekend -- the Dolphins have to find a way to turn that place into something of a home field again.

Miami is 1-9 at Dolphin Stadium during the last 10 games. The rest of the NFL wins approximately 70 percent of its home games. Sooo, it's kind of important for the Dolphins to turn things around at Dolphin Stadium if they hope to turn things around overall.

"Taking care of home field is something that needs to become more important to us," Coach Tony Sparano said. "We talked about winning on the road last week and how important going on the road and winning games are. That’s over. That’s in the past. Now we have a home game. If we’re going to be where we want to be, we need to play well at home.

"We need to take care of home court here a little bit. I think that’s something that we’ve talked an awful lot about this week. We know we have a hard challenge. We know we have a great football team coming in here. They’re playing really well right now. But we’re playing at home.”

And they need to start winning at home.

[Update: I am told several thousand tickets remain available for the game as of this writing. That is bad because, unlike past years when the Dolphins had a season ticket base of about 54,000 and could sell the rest on a walkup basis, this year the season ticket base is less than 50,000 -- the lowest in mark dating back to 1994. Logically, it takes greater effort to sell out when the Dolphins find themselves in a 4,000 ticket hole from where they usually are.]