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Dolphins need to try using Ernest Wilford

I do not watch practices anymore. The policy is that media can only watch 30 minutes of tuning up and then the rest of the real preparation is done pretty much behind an iron curtain.

So I don't know how bad Ernest Wilford looked in practice last week. I have no idea if he loafed or hopped on his head throughout his drills. I have no idea if he cursed out a coach or sent them flowers.

But I do know he has more catches during his NFL career than all of Miami's other receivers combined. I do know he needs to be active on Sunday. I do know he needs to be in the game-plan, at least for red zone use where his experience and 6-4 frame are assets.

"The Dolphins need to use Ernest Wilford," Drew Rosenhaus, who represents Wilford echoed last night.

I would say so.

If Wilford hasn't been practicing well, he needs to get in gear. But how awful can it be that he was behind Davone Bess, Derek Hagan and Greg Camarillo last week?

Chad Pennington needs an experienced receiver he can rely on. It cannot hurt to see if Wilford is that guy.