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Dolphins put Pats in sight, try to forget Cards

The Dolphins are back at practice and preparing for their meeting with the New England Patriots Sunday.

Here is what is happening:

On Monday coach Tony Sparano said no changes were in order at quarterback and along the offensive line, but added he had to think about things when discussing the secondary. That was code for something is about to happen in the secondary.

And it has.

Chris Crocker is apparently out as the starting free safety this week. Renaldo Hill, the starter there the past two seasons before he blew out a knee in 2007, has recaptured the starting job as of today. While that can still change as Crocker recovers from a stinger injury, it doesn't seem to be a change prompted by health.

It seems more prompted by Arizona throwing for 361 yards while the Miami secondary was often out of position and in blown wrong coverages. Hill is obviously a better communicator back there than Crocker and that was one of Miami's problems against Arizona.

It is clear the other area of concern for Miami the receiver spot. Sparano was paying extra attention to the group today and there were no kind words coming out of his mouth. Fact is there were a couple of expletives from the coach directed at the players.

Meanwhile Ted Ginn Jr., who got fewer snaps in the three-wide package last week, is scheduled to be back with the group this week. While this also can change as the week of practice progresses, the early plan is to use Ginn ahead of Derek Hagan in three-wide. The other two are Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo.