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Dolphins working more this bye [updated]

I got a lot of grief from readers last year when I complained the Dolphins took not one, not two, not three, but four days off during their bye week.

On the bye week the winless Dolphins of 2007 didn't practice on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Not coincidently, that time the team could have been using to prepare John Beck for some playing time was squandered.

Things are different this year.

Although there are unsubstantiated rumors coach Tony Sparano might give the players a surprise day off Friday to go along with Saturday and Sunday, the schedule nonetheless calls for them to work. So if they follow that schedule, the Dolphins will be off only Saturday and Sunday or half as many days as Cam Cameron gave them off last year on the bye week.

Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Anyway, the Dolphins are at work this morning and I can report running back Jalen Parmele is back at practice. He has been signed to the practice squad. Cornerback Will Billingsley, meanwhile, was not at practice and he has been cut from the practice squad to make room for Parmele.

Vonnie Holliday was also not at practice for what coach Tony Sparano called, "a family issue." Outside linebacker coach Jim Reid, who was taken to the hospital after Wednesday's practice experiencing dizziness and difficulty breathing, is scheduled to undergo surgery Sparano said. He declined to say surgery for what.

[Update: I have confirmed that Sparano is giving the players the day off Friday. The reason he gave for doing this is because he accomplished in the last two days what he expected to get done in three. So they will be off Friday through Sunday. And still they will have worked longer this bye week than last year's bye week.]