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Joey Porter named defensive player of the week

Linebacker Joey Porter has been named the GMC Sierra defensive player of the week in a voting conducted on NFL.com

Porter, who had three sacks against the Patriots, was selected among five finalists. It is coincidence that the defensive player of the week honors the first two weeks went to Pittsburgh Steelers defenders and Porter, the winner this week, is a former Steeler.

What is also interesting is that Porter had a game that lives up to his reputation and the contract he got last year from Miami. My prediction is he will have a season worthy of that contract. This doesn't look to be a one-game wonder to me. I think we should all believe in Porter because he is being put in a position to succeed this year.

That wasn't the case last year.

So the questions to you are:

1. Has Porter been worth it for the Dolphins so far?

2. Do you blame his struggles last season on him, or the way he was utilized or both?

3. Do you agree with him that Joey Porter this year will be like "night and day" from the Porter you saw a year ago?