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Pasqualoni gives answers on Jason Allen

Many of you have asked, demanded, begged for reasons why Jason Allen is not Miami's starting free safety today despite the fact Chris Crocker clearly had at least one miscommunication issue against Arizona and this week Renaldo Hill is likely to start at free safety.

... which, by the way, means Allen is effectively third-team at free safety.

I have resisted asking the questions you guys have wanted me to ask this coaching staff because they take their cue from head coach Tony Sparano and he, frankly, has admitted he's never going to publicly unmask a player with criticism or sometimes even critique. In other words, he'll talk about players but he won't tell you when they make mistakes and where they fall short of the mark.

Having said that, I could not resist the idea of trying to get a legitimate answer from defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni.

I asked him: "What is Jason Allen not showing that he needs to show to take the next step?"

He answered: "Jason as everybody knows has great position flexibility. He's a safety, he can play a bigger corner position. So we're working him in a lot of places right now. He's doing well. He's practicing hard. He's practicing with focus. He's just got to keep going. Jason's got a chance to be a good player with his position flexibility."

So I press: "If he improves what?"

And he non-answers: "Well, he's, he's ... as a corner, you know he played corner in college, I think everybody knows that. I think everybody also knows playing corner in this league is a little bit different so you have to give him enough time to get comfortable with the coverages and the press and the bails and all the zones and the mans you play. I would say if you wanted to put your finger on one word it's just give him a little time and as time goes he'll improve and improve."

Do you understand my life's frustrations now?