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Porter's controversial comments [updated]

God bless Joey Porter because he always has something interesting to say. Today, after he spent a few minutes speaking both truth and blasphemy about New England's quarterback, he threw in these words that likely will resonate in New England the next few days:

"We're going to come after the guy. I don't want to say something that will come back and bite me. It'll be good to go out and get our first victory," Porter said of Cassel and Miami's game against the Patriots. You can get a complete rundown of what Porter said here.

Now, as guarantees go, this one isn't exactly blatant. Porter did a much better job guaranteeing a win last year for the Dolphins and in previous years with Pittsburgh.

The guarantee in Pittsburgh was backed up with a victory.The last time he guaranteed a victory for Miami, the Dolphins lost. That happened when the Dolphins were 0-3 and Porter guaranteed victory over the Raiders.

This one, meanwhile, is more risky. In case Porter is the only one who has not noticed, the Patriots are 2-0. They went to the Super Bowl last year. The Dolphins, meanwhile, stink right now. And the game is in New England.

So predicting the Dolphins will go up to Foxboro, Mass. Sunday and come away with their first victory is indeed bold ... or maybe Joey knows something we don't. Let's hope.

Anyway, Porter made his comments today and also spent several minutes pointing out current Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel is not Tom Brady -- implying not as good or dangerous as Brady.

That is true so Porter is on the money there. Matt Cassel isn't in the same galaxy with Tom Brady.

But why tweak a sleeping giant?

What are the chances Rodney Harrison and Tedy Bruschi and Randy Moss and the rest of that prideful New England bunch are going to find out what Porter said? What are the odds his words will echo in their Saturday night meeting? What are the chances they will want to take out their Porter frustrations on the Dolphins?

Worse, what are the odds they can do it, too?

So where is your money on this one? You think Joey Porter will back up his talk or the Pats will find a way to make him wish he hadn't said anything about Cassel or winning?

I guess what I'm asking, in other words, is who do you trust more -- Porter predicting a victory or the Patriots defending their honor?

Want to know where I stand? I'm going out on a limb here. I say Porter has a good game. But I still think New England wins.

[Update: The Patriots are reacting to Porter's comments with a public shrug, according to Reiss's Pieces blog at the Boston Globe. Said safety Rodney Harrison: “The great thing about football, the great thing about sports, is that you get an opportunity to prove it. It doesn’t matter what I say, what he says, or anyone else in this league says. You have an opportunity to prove it, and just prove it on Sunday. Talk is talk. Just prove it. … It’s Joey being Joey. He’s a great player.”

On the other hand, you think Harrison is dumb enough to share his displeasure publicly? No way. He will do it with teammates, however. I guarantee you.]