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Ricky's bad deal is actually much worse

If you read this blog regularly you know I've written that Ricky Williams did himself a grand disservice when he represented himself and signed a one-year contract extension 10 days or so ago.

Well, the news gets worse for Miami's running back.

It seems in agreeing and then signing this deal, which Williams did while acting as his own agent, the issue of that $8.1 million judgment the Dolphins won against Williams years ago was not touched. At all.

Ricky Williams still owes the Miami Dolphins the full $8.1 million according to a source.

So not only did Williams not get any guaranteed money in signing his extension, not only did he agree to some incentives that require him to run the ball a lot on a team on which he is sharing carries, but Williams did not convince the team to waive that long-ago perfected judgment.

Now, the Dolphins have not collected a cent from that judgment. They are not exactly hurting for the money. And they may never collect anything from it. But it is still there in its entirety hanging over Williams. If the team really wanted to play hardball, it could go after Williams for the full amount.

The only chip Williams ever had against making that $8.1 million go away was a new contract. He could have told the team that he would sign a new deal, even if it had no guaranteed money, as long as the team waived its rights to the judgment.

But Williams didn't make the case and so even though he's scheduled to make up to $5.6 million this year and next in base salary and some reachable incentives, he's still in the red.

Because he's still on the hook for that $8.1 million.