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Westhoff returns to Jets after seeing Dolphins

You have to root for Mike Westhoff, the former Dolphins special teams coach who has put cancer to flight for nearly 20 years now.

On Monday the New York Jets announced that Westhoff, who left his job at the end of last season for physical reasons, was being rehired to run the club's special teams again. Good for Westhoff because he has recovered medically. And it is good for the Jets.

But I wonder how good that is for the Dolphins?

Westhoff, you see, was a guest of the Dolphins on several occasions during training camp. He was allowed to come to camp and view practice from basically the same vantage point as what Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland view practices.

So he got an up-close and personal view of Miami's practice, personnel and preparations.

I'm not saying that will be an advantage for Westhoff and the Jets on Sunday. But it has to make the Dolphins just a little uncomfortable knowing that a coach on the opposing team got such an close look at them during their preseason of preparation -- even if it was only for a couple of days.