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Wildcat package may not be foreign to Chargers

All true Dolphins fans know the Miami Dolphins offense used something called the Wildcat package to confuse the New England  defense last week. Did you know the Dolphins were not the only team to use a Wildcat-type package last week?

The Oakland Raiders also used a similar offensive set against the Buffalo Bills with good success last week. The package, which the University of Arkansas ran last year as its base offense, is a natural for Miami because quarterback coach David Lee came from the Arkansas program.

It is also a natural for Oakland because Darren McFadden, Oakland's first round pick this year, was the trigger man for the offense at Arkansas.

So what does that have to do with next week's Dolphins game against San Diego?

Simple. The Raiders play the Chargers today. So the Chargers are certain to have prepared for the possibility of seeing the package today -- assuming McFadden, who is questionable for the game, is in the lineup.

And if the Raiders actually use their version of the Arkansas offense, then the Chargers will not only have seen it on tape, but also have gotten some work against it in an actual game.

That suggests it will be far less than a surprise versus San Diego than it was against New England last week. It also suggests the Dolphins will have to find new wrinkles out of the set and improve already-good execution for it to work against San Diego next week.