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Stay tuned for Ronnie Brown the passer

The Wildcat offense is seriously freaking the NFL out. Thursday, Dan Marino was at the Dolphins training facility to do a story for the CBS pregame show which will feature the Dolphins' recent success and their Wildcat offense.

Friday, ESPN is sending Cris Carter to the facility to do pretty much the same story. It's Wildcat this and Wildcat that on the pregame shows Sunday.

On Showtime's Inside the NFL this week, former Raiders and Bucs defensive lineman Warren Sapp went off on the Dolphins because of the Wildcat offense. He basically said he was offended by Miami's use of the offense.

"This is disrespectful to all defenses," Sapp said during the show's round table discussion. "It's disrespectful. You're taking the best player in the game, the quarterback, and you're putting him out wide, outside the numbers and you put the running back in the back. How the hell you going to pass the ball?"

A couple of things, fellas and ladies: Ronnie Brown can pass the ball. And he's getting more proficient at it because he's been doing it more in practice.

I've been told the Dolphins have been working more with Brown throwing out of the Wildcat formation this week. In fact, when the team is warming up in individual drills, Brown takes some repetitions with the other quarterbacks.

And then, obviously, he throws the ball when the Dolphins are working on pass plays out of Wildcat in practice. So look for that to show up this week against Houston.

And there is the irony in all this.

Sapp, who obviously doesn't know Brown already threw a TD pass out of the formation against New England, will have to eat his words if Brown starts slingin' it more often. And if it happens in Houston, it will come at the same venue where Brown infamously had a pass batted on a potential game-tying two-point conversion try two seasons ago.

Can hardly wait.