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Porter rips away on national conference call

Joey Porter just spent 10 minutes on a national conference call with the media and in that time, he was his typical outspoken, even controversial self.

Today Porter responded to Brandon Marshall's "popcorn muscles" comment from yesterday, ripped the NFL for the way it dispenses fines and in so doing questioned why Jacksonville receiver Matt Jones is still playing, and added that he actually played well for the Dolphins in 2007.

On that disappointing 2007 season Porter said:

"The defense wasn't really set up for me to go out there and make plays. I mean, I did my job, they thought I had a good season but to my standards and what I'm trying to do, that was a terrible year for me. I would grade out good every week. They were happy with what they were getting. But I'm the type of player that feels like he can take over the game. And I never had those opportunities to take over a game, actually. The defense wasn't made for me to have too much success. It just never really worked for me."

On his on-going verbal feud with Marshall:

"I'm not even worried about that. The game is over and I'm already looking to Seattle so for him to still be on that, I really did get in his head obviously. He's wasting time worrying about me, he's supposed to have a game tomorrow. Instead he's worried about me. I left Denver three days ago."

On the NFL's policy for fining players even when they don't get flagged during games, Porter was asked if he understands what it is that gets a player fined:

"If I knew the answer, I would have $20,000 more they wouldn't have taken from me. So I definitely don't have the answer. I'm still trying to figure out how a guy gets caught with cocaine in the car and he still plays the game and nothing happens to him. Nothing's happened. They ain't had no penalty or nothing. I'm trying to figure that out. He got caught with some cocaine in his pockets. Everybody knows it. But Matt Jones is still up there playing football and nothing's ever happened to him. So I'm still trying to figure out how you get away with that and your fining people $20,000 for making comments to the media on the refs. But here is a guy that got caught with cocaine, everybody knows about it, and nothing happened. He done played every game. You explain that to me, then we'll be talking about something."

It bears stating that Jones was indeed suspended by the NFL for three games but continues to play because he has appealed the suspension.

Finally, on whether he expected the current success the Dolphins are having:

"Yeah we did. I mean we put in all the hard work in the offseason. If you seen our attendance in our offseason workout, we expected to be better than what we are right now. I mean we put in a lot of hard work in March, guys been here a long time putting in a lot of hard work and that's starting to pay off. So we had high hopes from the beginning. But the thing is our record was so bad last year nobody else believed we could do what we do. We did. But it's getting better and our hard work is starting to pay off."