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The breakdown for Miami Dolphins receivers

This has been a busy day, which is why this is my fourth blog post of the day. [Don't expect one tomorrow as I will be eyebrows deep in stuffing and mash potatos and gravy and turkey and pies and other stuff that keeps me in finely tuned shape.]

I just want to catch you up on the receiver situation. Greg Camarillo, out for the rest of the year with a torn ACL in a knee, was placed on injured reserve today. So I asked Tony Sparano what happens now?

The coach said Davone Bess is "the next guy up," meaning he will start Sunday against the St. Louis Rams. But it is not quite so simple.

Because Bess plays a lot on special teams as a returner, the Dolphins don't intend to merely add the extra work to his plate. They will add work, but they will add work to other players' plate also.

The Dolphins are likely to promote a practice squad receiver before 6 p.m. Saturday -- likely Anthony Armstrong -- to take Camarillo's place on the roster. And while Bess will start that doesn't mean he'll get every snap.

So look for Ernest Wilford to be active -- finally -- and get some chances to earn his $6 million signing bonus. Look for Brandon London to also get snaps with the offense.

If I'm Wilford, I do everything I can to make a mark this game because this feels like one last best chance for him to stay with the Miami Dolphins long-term.