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Time for Ted Ginn Jr. to become the go-to guy

What do the Dolphins do without Greg Camarillo?

The question itself shows how much the Miami receiver corps needs an offseason talent infusion. But we'll talk about how any receiver corps where Greg Camarillo is the best player is not a good receiver corps another day.

For now, the Dolphins have Camarillo's cleats to fill because he is out for the season with a torn ACL in his left knee.

So I repeat, what do the Dolphins do?

There are options although none sound exceedingly appealing: They can re-sign Derek Hagan. They can promote Anthony Armstrong from the practice squad. They can play Brandon London more. They can activate Ernest Wilford, who coach Tony Sparano continues insisting is improving but still hasn't improved enough to, you know, actually play in a recent game.

The Dolphins can even search the free agent heap and add a new body into the mix although this doesn't make a lot of sense because that player won't know the playbook for a while and there is only a month or so left in the season.

Like I said, many options, none great.

Let me suggest another option for making up for the loss of the team's top receiver. I suggest Ted Ginn Jr. step up.

Remember Ginn? He's the guy drafted No. 9 overall last season. He's the guy making the big bucks. He's the guy who should be Miami's best receiver to begin with.

Everyone has been quite patient with Ginn until now because he's young, having come out of Ohio State a year early. He's not so polished, needing tutoring on his route running. And he's basically a good kid everyone wants to see succeed. And so we wait.

Well, enough of that.

Ted Ginn Jr. should be, and now must be, Miami's go-to receiver. When Chad Pennington steps back to throw the football downfield, Ginn should be the first option. When Pennington throws Ginn a fourth-quarter pass that would turn third down into a first down, Ginn has to catch it. When the Dolphins need a pass play, Ginn needsto make it more often than not.

That has not been the case for Ginn since his Miami career started. But now the spotlight is on him. If he thought there was pressure to perform as the No. 9 overall pick before, wait until practice resumes Wednesday and he's option No. 1.

That is pressure.

I would tell you Ginn will respond to the added attention and responsibility one of two ways: He'll accept it and prove himself worthy of the role as Miami's go-to receiver. Or he'll show himself a guy not yet ready, and perhaps not ever ready, to be a No. 1 receiver in the NFL.

I have been a big Ginn supporter for some time. Last year I lobbied so he could get playing time and then a starting role. I've written he is making progress a thousand times. This year I lobbied for him to be used as a kick returner when the Dolphins were using Davone Bess.

But now I am not certain Ginn is up to the challenge that awaits him. I wish him the best. I hope he steps up.

We'll see if he does.