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Parcells: 'We have a lot to do ...'

Bill Parcells is on ESPN pitching Gatorade. And he's talking about YOUR Miami Dolphins.

It is obvious that Parcells realizes the Dolphins made a dramatic step to improve in 2008. But he thankfully realizes there is much ground yet to cover.

"We got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs so we got to keep things in perspective," Parcells said. "... We have a lot to do in Miami. We need a lot more guys."

Parcells admitted during his interview with Trey Wingo that it was an adjustment for him to not coach a team he is so emotionally invested in.

"On Sundays, at the games, sometimes it's hard," Parcells said. "You have a trained eye and you know where the game is going, you know kind of what's going to happen, but there is nothing you can do. So you sit there and understand you are in a support role for the head coach. And a support role for the general manager. And my job is to assist the general manager in the procurement of players that can help win on the field for the coach, Tony Sparano."

Oh, yeah, Parcells repeated he will stay with the Dolphins through 2009.

"I'm going to be with Miami until I feel that the team is in position and Jeff [Ireland] and Tony have enough experience that they can handle it," Parcells said.