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ESPN: Parcells can walk out at any time

If you read this blog regularly (and why wouldn't you, right?) you might remember that during Super Bowl week I reported Bill Parcells was telling his media pals reports of his 30-day opt-out clause were not entirely accurate. You have to scroll down to find the post headlined: "Parcells: Opt-out reports not entirely correct."

Well, a few minutes ago, ESPN went a significant step further in confirming the 30-day window is not correct and, in fact, Parcells can walk anytime he wants.  

According to ESPN, Wayne Huizenga and Parcells removed the 30-day window from Parcells's contract about three weeks before the sale of the team to new owner Stephen Ross closed. But in its place, Parcells can now leave the Dolphins anytime and still collect all the money due in the contract.

So what does this mean?

A couple of things:

Parcells has said he is "definitely," staying in 2009. But it now makes this year one in which Parcells will get the measure of Ross and decide how much he likes working for him. After the season, Parcells can decide to stay or leave, depending on how he views things.

That's great for Parcells. And not so great for the Dolphins because Miami would get ZERO compensation of any kind if Big Tuna decided he wants to go work immediately for another organization.

Secondly, the ESPN revelation today means there will be an annual chase to see what Bill wants to do, whether Bill is happy and content, and whether Bill wants to stay or go.

That's also great for Parcells. And not so great for the schlubs like me that have to chase him around.