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Little facts about (shush!!) the spread offense

Big day of Dolphins coverage at ye olde Herald.

I will be blogging throughout the day on Sunday as the Dolphins wrap their rookie minicamp. The first practice begins at 10 a.m. so expect updates in the minutes and hours ahead.

Meanwhile, I want to share with you my Sunday column in which I write about some of the Miami coaching staff's accomplishments last year and some of the challenges the staff faces in 2009.

I think I have been remiss in making the point the past couple of days because I've done it in passing and as a matter of fact as I did in the column, but let me correct that situation. I have been told the Dolphins will employ portions of the spread option in their offense this year.

Once again: The Dolphins coaches have been working this offseason on plucking portions of the spread option from the college ranks and adding that as part of the Wildcat (renamed by Salguero as WildPat) package.

The idea is not revolutionary The Dolphins realized the spread option had a place in the NFL when the Kansas City Chiefs lit up the Miami defense last season. Obviously the offense has worked in colleges as well.

But the idea is evolutionary. It makes sense to take Wildcat to the next level and that is, in part, the spread option. So the plan is if rookie Pat White progresses in the offense as he has the potential to do, the Dolphins will employ White in the spread option/Wildcat (renamed by Salguero as WildPat). It's going to take a while and you're probably not going to see it until the regular season. But the plan right now is to use it.

The Dolphins are not eager to let this out because coaches are rightfully secretive about their plans and strategy. And even this passing mention will soon be forgotten and left to float off into cyberspace. But I predict if and when Miami unveils it in the regular season, there will be quite a bit of attention paid to it -- attention rivaling the unveiling of Wildcat last year.

Just remember you knew it was coming way in advance. 

Discuss ... And come back later for the camp updates.