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Get your FREE training camp schedule here

As one of my followers on twitter wrote earlier today, July is going to be a "loooong month," until the Dolphins report for the opening of training camp Aug. 1.

The first day in pads will be Aug. 2 and the Dolphins will hit the field with two practices that day. But coach Tony Sparano obviously is not intent on seeing his players wilt, as the team will practice twice a day only two times the first eight days of camp, with the eighth day a time for rest.

Don Shula worked his team in three-a-day practices his first year. Not saying that's what Sparano should do but that should give you some historical perspective.

So below is the schedule. The pratices are open to the public with capacity for 2,000 folks to watch. There is no admission charge, meaning it is free. Practices will be closed after Aug. 22.


Date Morning Afternoon


Aug. 2   Sun. 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

Aug. 3   Mon.                            2:00 p.m.

Aug. 4   Tues.      9:00 a.m.                     

Aug. 5   Wed.                            2:00 p.m.                                            

Aug. 6   Thurs.     9:00 a.m.       5:00 p.m.

Aug. 7   Fri  .                            2:00 p.m.                                

Aug. 8   Sat .                            2:00 p.m.                    

Aug. 9   Sun.        PLAYERS OFF

Aug. 10   Mon.     9:00 a.m.       5:00 p.m.

Aug. 11   Tues.                         2:00 p.m.

Aug. 12   Wed.     9:00 a.m.                                                              

Aug. 13   Thurs.                        2:00 p.m.        

Aug. 14   Fri.        9:00 a.m.       5:00 p.m.                                

Aug. 15   Sat.       10:15 a.m.                                                                      

Aug. 17   Mon.      VS. JAGUARS AT LAND SHARK STADIUM, 7:30 P.M. (EDT), WFOR-TV         

Aug. 18   Tues.     PLAYERS OFF

Aug. 19   Wed.      9:00 a.m.      5:00 p.m.

Aug. 20   Thurs.    9:00 a.m.      5:00 p.m.

Aug. 22   Sat.       VS. PANTHERS AT LAND SHARK STADIUM, 7:30 P.M. (EDT), WFOR-TV