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Vontae Davis story smells of identity theft

The Dolphins are conducting an investigation into the fake Vontae Davis arrest now as the team tries to get to the bottom of what actually happened in this bizarre episode that smells of mistaken or stolen identity.

For the record, Davis contends he was absolutely, positively not arrested in Champaign, Ill., on June 9 despite police reports that someone with that name and giving the address of Davis's grandmother was arrested for vehicular noise and not having a valid license.

Davis has sworn to the team it wasn't him. And the club, which keeps attendence of OTA and weight lifting attendance by players, believes Davis was in South Florida for that work that day. Secondary coach Todd Bowles knows Davis worked at camp that day and the weight lifting coaches also have vouched that he was present.

Davis left the facility around 3:30 p.m. (EDT) and the only way he might have been in Illinois at the time of 6:40 p.m. arrest, the team believes, is if he had chartered a jet to get there ...

... and back, because he was at work at 7 a.m. on June 10.

Davis, meanwhile, has spoken with the team and asked point-blank to tell the truth. Some folks in Miami still remember that Alfred Oglesby once claimed to be kidnapped and taken out to the Everglades when he failed to show up for practice one day. Oglesby had actually been at a strip club the night before and had overslept the next morning so he fabricated the entire tale, which of course, fell apart when he was informed authorities look unkindly on false police reports.

Davis's story has been consistent that he was not arrested. He also is giving that version on his blog.

"The only explanation I have is that my wallet was stolen while I was still in school and someone might be impersonating me," Davis said.

"During the time I was "supposedly arrested," I was actually here in Florida at OTA's. I am fully dedicated to my football career and learning the playbook so that I can be affective this season. As I said before, I am very thankful to be a part of the Miami Dolphins and I do not want to do anything that would bring any negative publicity to me or the team."

So I think it's fair to believe Davis.

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