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Tuesday update and a maddening prediction

Before I tell you about Tuesday's practice, I want to share some media scuttlebutt. During training camp, national writers and bloggers come to town to survey the local landscape and write for their publications or websites.

A couple of days ago, Thomas George of  NFL.com was here. Jarrett Bell of USA Today was present the past couple of days as was Tim Graham of ESPN.com. Today, Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com was in town.

Prisco is a friend. And he hates the Dolphins chances in 2009.

"They're a 7-win team," Prisco told me.

They'll beat Atlanta in the opener, I responded.

"No way," he retorted. "Atlanta is a 10 or 11-win team. Take that to the bank. And they have a quarterback."

The Dolphins have a quarterback in Chad Pennington and a backup in Chad Henne, I told him.

"Pennington has a lollypop arm," Prisco said. "The Dolphins should just bench him and put Henne in and get it over with. I like Chad. He's a nice guy. But he can only get them to a certain level. They need to go with Henne."

Prisco is no fan of the Wildcat offense, either.

"You know the definition of the Wildcat?" he asked before answering his own question, "You have no quarterback."

Alrightie then. Good to get the national perspective on the Dolphins. Don't complain to me, by the way. I'm just the messenger. If you think Prisco is a nimrod, leave your comment in the comments section, but e-mail him right here. You are also encouraged to discuss the matter if you agree with the guy.

Now, about practice ...

The Team Run period was highlighted by some sweet blocking by the left side of the offensive line. The Dolphins need to become a left-handed team eventually because their two best run-blockers are on the left. Interestingly, they were more right-handed last year.

Running left there was a a nice crease between Jake Long and Justin Smiley that Ricky Williams scooted through for a run to the second level. Williams added a 5-yard run to the left two plays later.

Running right, Ronnie Brown got only 2 yards on a play where Channing Crowder filled the hole quickly. Brown also was stuffed for no gain on a run right later on.

Pat White fumbled a snap during the third-team Team Run period.

In Team Pass, Chad Pennington and rookie Patrick Turner hooked up for the nicest pass play I've seen this entire camp. Pennington threw to Turner's back shoulder down the left sideline and Turner stopped and jumped over fellow rookie Sean Smith for the grab and a 24-yard gain. Smith had good coverage, don't get me wrong, but sometimes the other guy just makes a better play.

Smith did have a PD in the overall team period. Turner also had a deep sideline catch over Eric Green in the team period. After being relatively quiet the past couple of days, he was impressive today.

Fellow rookie cornerback Vontae Davis, working with the second-team, jumped a wheel route by Ricky Williams for an interception he could have taken for a TD were it in an actual game. Akin Ayodele also had a sack in the competition among first-teamers.

It was a tough practice for guard Mark Lewis. He lost his technique and yielded a sack during the third-team pass period. There was also a short but unspectacular flare-up between Joe Berger and Ryan Baker.

Other quick hits:

Donald Thomas worked in with the first-team in the team period ... J.D. Folsom did good work with a couple of sacks on blitzes. He also had a tackle for loss on a tight end screen ... Rookie John Nalbone, improving by the day, had a couple of nice catches ... Ernest Wilford did not have a catch today ... Phillip Merling had a batted pass working with the second-team during the team period.

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