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Doings for the Dolphins on Mon. evening

Rothgate should reach some sort of resolution Tuesday after Matt Roth and coach Tony Sparano talk for the third time since training camp began about the mysterious circumstances that now surround the outside linebacker's health.

Here is what I know:

After Roth failed his conditioning test with Miami over the weekend, Sparano talked to Roth about the reason for the poor showing. The coach and the player had this discussion not once, but twice. Both times, according to Sparano, Roth said he was ill.

Except that Roth apparently has a groin injury that he failed to mention to the coach -- an injury his agent Drew Rosenhaus has confirmed on local television. And after blood results seeking an illness came back negative Monday, it seems the groin is the real health problem for Roth.

But Roth has another problem. I am told privately Sparano is upset with Roth because the coach believes the player lied to him, not once, but indeed, twice. That's the reason Sparano and Roth were scheduled to talk Monday evening -- to iron things out.

Advice to Matt Roth: Get your story straight and tell the truth.

Roth has not talked to the media but might do so Tuesday. Sparano talks every day and he laid out his view on the issue.

"I believe Matt Roth when Matt Roth is tellig me that he is sick," Sparano said. "This groin thing ... it is the first time I have heard of it. We are going to investigate it, but I have been told on two different occassions that it is an illness. [A groin injury] is not what I was told was the reason for the performance [in the conditioning test] that I saw [Sunday]."

We'll see what happens Tuesday. If it goes much longer, it might call for a Woodward and Bernstein investigation. What has this all meant on the field?

Well, as I write in my column which appears in Tuesday's Miami Herald, I tell you how Roth's famine has been a feast for Jason Taylor. Read the column and you'll see how long Taylor is telling his confidants how much longer he wants to play. 

On the field Tuesday afternoon, the highlight of the practice was the competition between wide receivers and cornerbacks. Here's the play-by-play of that:

Will Allen vs. Greg Camarillo. Allen knocks the ball down for a win.

Ted Ginn vs. Eric Green. Catch and win for Ginn.

Davone Bess vs. Vontae Davis. Bess with a short catch over the middle.

Anthony Armstrong vs Sean Smith. Smith breaks up the pass for a win.

Brandon London vs. Jason Allen. Allen with a pass breakup.

Patrick Turner vs. Nathan Jones. Turner wins with a diving catch.

Brian Hartline vs. Joey Thomas. A catch and a win for Hartline.

Chris Williams vs. Will Billingsley. Williams catches a TD on a 9-route. Billingsley is struggling which would explain why Sparano yells, "Same [thing] I watched yesterday, Billingsley."

Camarillo vs. Yeremiah Bell. Bell wins on an interception.

Ginn vs. Gibril Wilson. Ginn catches a deep TD pass.

Armstrong vs. Tyrone Culver. Armstrong with a catch on a crossing route.

London vs. Ethan Kilmer. London with a catch on a short route.

Turner vs. Courtney Bryan. Turner muscles Bryan for the football and a catch.

Hartline vs. Will Allen. Allen breaks up a pass. He's having a good camp so far.

Camarillo vs. Thomas. Camarillo with a TD on a deep ball.

Ginn vs. Smith. The rookie scores a pass defensed. Very impressive.

Bess vs. Jason Allen. Bess puts on a double move and beats Allen deep for a TD.

Armstrong vs. Davis. Amstrong wins with a catch on a short route.

London vs. Thomas. London catches the in-cut.

Hartline vs. Kilmer. Hartline catches a deep TD.

Williams vs. Billingsley. Billingsley scores a win.

Camarillo vs. Allen. Camarillo makes a catch.

Ginn vs. Culver. Ginn with another deep TD catch.

Bess vs. Will Allen. Bess catches a short pass.

Armstrong vs. Bryan. Bryan breaks up the pass.

London vs. Thomas. London with a catch.

Former University of Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer was at practice Monday afternoon. He saw his former player, Jason Allen, having one bad moment when he couldn't get lined up correctly for a seven-on-seven drill.

There was confusion in the coverage and before bad became worse, Will Allen simply stopped the play by saying, "Hey, wait. Stop. Stop."

Somebody then yelled at Jason Allen, who promptly got lined up correctly and off the play went. The two Allens later had a sideline discussion that ended with the elder, more accomplished Allen dismissing the other.

I've been telling you Turner, the rookie receiver, has been practicing well. But he is still a rookie. He dropped one pass in traffic when he was behind the cornerback but about to get popped by the safety. Even though this is practice and there is no contact, Turner dropped the pass obviously after losing concentration and perhaps thinking of the hit that might have been.

Turner also was called for an offensive pass interference.