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Tues. evening practice report with a twist

Let's start with the news first: As I first reported on my twitter, which I hope you begin following,  WR Brennan Marion has a torn ACL and is out for the season. The Dolphins are attempting to sign a replacement.

They worked out a couple of receivers Tuesday -- one of them being former Ravens practice squad player Edward Williams, who fits Miami's receiver mold at 6-4 and 215 pounds.

As far as practice is concerned, yes, I'm going to give you the typical blow-by-blow that you're going to get elsewhere. But, frankly, I assume even the hardcore readers can grow a little weary of reading that Will Billingsley struggles day after day. So I'm going to occasionally give you something different to chew on during training camp.

As I've covered this team since the dawn of time, certainly longer than anyone else, I'm going to share some classic training camp moments with you from time to time. Today's moment dates back to 1996 when the Tampa Bay Bucs were invited to the Dolphins practice facility for dual workouts.

So the Bucs show up and are warming up on the field before the practice when defensive tackle Warren Sapp apparently decides he needs to take a whiz. He unbuckles his pants and simply relieves himself at the base of the stanchion that holds up the video platform.

At that precise moment, the Dolphins stream onto their field, led by new coach Jimmy Johnson, who is feeling pretty enthusiastic about his new team. Johnson eagerly trots out, immediately spots Sapp, runs over and extends his had to shake with the former UM player.

Before the handshake, Sapp quickly buckles his pants and extends the same hand that he was using to hold his  ... well, you get the picture. The coach and player shake hands and talk for a while, and the entire time, I'm standing there with WQAM radio host Orlando Alzugaray, just cracking up that Miami's new coach doesn't know as much as he thinks he does.

OK, let me know if you want more of these classic training camp moments from time to time or if this features stinks in your opinion.

As for Tuesday's evening practice inside the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (NSMB):

Tony McDaniels got some reps with the first-team defensive line as Phillip Merling was back with the second-teamers. It's a competition, people, and no one is assured of any spot and everyone will get a fair chance. I love that about this coaching staff.

Brian Hartline was the most active of any previous practice, catching three passes in one-on-one drills vs. the defensive backs. Fellow rookie Patrick Turner also continues to impress indoors. He beat Will Allen twice in the one-on-ones and one of those went for a TD on a deep pass.

Vontae Davis has been providing good coverage in recent days but more than once the completions seems to still get made as receivers make plays or the pass is simply perfect. It happened again in the one-on-ones and DB coach Todd Bowles encouraged Davis to "finish," and "play through the ball."

It seemed to work as Davis intercepted Chad Henne on the sideline during the team (11 on 11) period. Henne was inconsistent as he missed an open David Martin down the seam on another play, choosing instead to check down to Ronnie Brown.

Brandon London was crafting a good practice until he had a pass bounce out of his hands and LB William Kershaw snatched the ball out of the air for a turnover. Another turnover during the practice happened when Patrick Cobbs fumbled during a running play.

Punter Brandon Fields tested the sturdiness of the NSMB roof by hitting the thing at least half a dozen times on punts. He did muff one punt snap and then shanked the attempt after hurrying to get the punt off. But the kid is not easily fazed. He pounded the roof four consecutive times after the shank.

Finally, the guys are starting to get a little cranky and there was some pushing and shoving after a couple of plays. Channing Crowder and Shawn Murphy got into it momentarily. Tearrius George and Nate Garner also exchanged unpleasantries.

Boys will be boys.