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Which Dolphin steps up as a playmaker

It is pretty simply, really. The NFL team that scores more and yields the fewest points is usually the best team at the end of four quarters.

So it stands to reason the team with the most dynamic players that can score points and the most outstanding players that can prevent scores and turn in plays that can go in the other direction has the best chance of winning.

The guys that turn in those plays are playmakers.

And the Dolphins have not had enough of them in recent years. So, as I wrote in my column in today's Miami Herald, I believe the chief assignment of the Miami coaching staff during training camp is finding playmakers.

I give you a list of guys in the column who might step forward and become playmakers. None have as of yet. I'm hoping in the comments section you can tell me which player you have the most "trust and confidence in" (Nick Saban term) to step forward this season.

One more thing not mentioned in the column: The Dolphins have allowed themselves a rainy day fund of sorts, salary cap space and money set aside through training camp, in case a player they like comes available unexpectedly.

Do any of you know of a playmaker that might come available as Chad Pennington did last year? Anquan Boldin, under a new agent after firing Drew Rosenhaus, is now much less likely to be traded than he was last season, so that has fizzled.

I know the Broncos will attempt to trade Brandon Marshall by the October trade deadline, but I have serious doubts the Dolphins will be the most interested team based on his history, Denver's asking price, and the demand from other teams.

Guard Brian Waters, unhappy in Kansas City, is not a playmaker. Good lineman, but not a playmaker.

So who might come available? I trust you guys have a name ... or two. Also kindly provide a reason that playmaker might come available.