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Friday night lights and newsy item

Final post of the day and this is whatup:

Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini told gathered media he has, "no interest in moving Josh Cribbs," according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The Dolphins have shown interest in Cribbs but have been rebuffed.

Cribbs has not requested a trade, but has requested his contract be renegotiated. Yeah, that will happen during the season. Anyway, it seems less likely than ever that Cribbs will be available to Miami by the Oct. 20 trade deadline.

Of course, Mangini is something of a poker player. He is perhaps trying to drive up the price on his star kickoff and punt return man.

For those of you asking the question in my previous posts about Cribbs, he was a college QB and has dabbled as a WR and a Wildcat type triggerman in the NFL. But lest you be fooled, his present value is in returning punts and kicks.


One final question for you: Why are you here?

It's Friday night ...

Go out. Have some fun. See a movie. Take the girlfriend to the submarine races.

Or ....

Put on the record below (yeah, they used to have things called records before CDs) and have a party at home. Right now.