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Jets all hot and bothered by Ronnie quote

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To get his little minions all excited about Sunday's game against the Dolphins, Jets coach Rex Ryan used a quote that appeared on this blog following the first Miami beatdown of the Jets on Oct 12.

"Coming into the game we're watching how they blitz and we were like, 'OK we'll just sit back and play football then, and let's see who has the tougher 11 people on the field,' " Ronnie Brown said on Oct. 14.

Well, you'd think Brown had stolen Ryan's buffet ticket because the coach was so vexed he actually read the quote aloud to his players during a team meeting on Wednesday.

So the Jets, who wanted revenge against the Dolphins before hearing the quote, now reeeaaaaalllly want revenge against the Dolphins. Oooooh, now they're reeeeaaaallly, reeeaaallly motivated. Now that Brown's incendiary quote has set the Jets' collective britches on fire, they're going to reeaaaallly study their game plans and reeeealllly practice reeeaaaally super duper hard.

"I got the quote and it's a great quote," Ryan said without attributing it properly. "Obviously, they must have thought they were the tougher team on that Monday night. We'll see who the tougher one is this week."

Hear the silence? That's the Dolphins' knees not rattling one against another in fear. I saw no sign of apprehension, consternation, panic or trepidation in the Dolphins locker room Wednesday. (Also saw no sign of Ted Ginn Jr. either, but that's another story.)

The Dolphins, to be succinct, seem to be simply going about their business this week.

“I think we’re definitely going to look back at that tape and anticipate what we can attack them on, and what did work for us," said quarterback Chad Henne. "We’re going to take bits and pieces from that game, but obviously there are going to be adjustments. There’ are going to be some change-ups for us, and we will try to keep them off guard.”

Anyway, Rexy seems to want his team on guard (even if it was only Wednesday) and they came out of that team meeting spewing anger over that Brown quote.

"It's kind of like he disrespected our defense in a way," cornerback Darrell Revis told the New York Post. "That shows what they think about our defense, that we're not tough enough and we're not strong enough. It hurts. I think a lot of guys are taking it personally on this team, because we don't want to be looked at like that as a defense.

"We believe we're a tough group and that's what we're going to show."

Outsider looking in observation: Brown did not say the Jets are not tough. He did make it quite clear the Dolphins thought prior to the game they could challenge the Jets and they would be happy to play and see which was the tougher team.

This just in: The Dolphins were the tougher team that night. They plowed the field with that defense Revis plays on, rushing for a 151 yards and two touchdowns.

And doesn't Revis have other concerns? Last we saw him, he was chasing Ginn, by no means a stud, into the end zone on the embarrassing end of a 53-yard touchdown pass.

The Jets on Sunday will be without their best defensive lineman and run stuffer Kris Jenkins, who went out of the lineup with a knee injury in the Buffalo game two weeks ago and is out for the remainder of the season.

And yet, the Jets don't seem concerned. They've got their macho attitude on this week.

"The toughest 11? We'll see this week," defensive end Shaun Ellis told The Post. "There's no doubt about it, that we have tough players on this team. Everybody was watching that last game and it was like, 'Wow, we laid an egg.'"

Well, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and lays eggs like a duck ... it's a duck.