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Thurs. afternoon with the coordinators, Ginn

The Miami coordinators -- Dan Henning on offense and Paul Pasqualoni on defense -- just had their weekly 10 minutes with the media. And Ted Ginn made himself available for three minutes.

The highlights:

Ginn said he understands his playing time is likely to be diminished starting Sunday against the Jets.

"I ain't the first time I've been through it," he said. "All I can do is play the time they ask me to play and make the plays they ask me to make."

Ginn said he's had at least one conversation with a coach about Miami's desire to see him improve. I asked if he was told in that conversation he was being demoted.

"We haven't had a conversation like that," Ginn answered. "It was more of a motivation talk. Get better. You have to get better. Do what you do but get better."

Ginn knows he need to improve because he is not deaf. He's heard the criticisms directed at him this week.

"Oh yeah, I hear it," he said. "I heard a lot after the game. It's a part of football. You just got to grow up, play hard and keep playing. I heard what people say. You going to hear it through other people, you're going to see it. It's just something you have to deal with."

Ginn said he's staying close to his family in this rough time.

I asked Pasqualoni about FS Gibril Wilson's "interesting" tackling techniques that have cost the Dolphins a ton of hidden yardage this season and even a couple of touchdowns.

"Well, a part of it the guys he's tackling, too," Pasqualoni said. "He's been on some real quality, quality players. Last week it was Reggie Bush. He's working very, very hard at it. I think despite everything I think he's improving at it. He's got a great attitude. We still have a lot of football to play and we're still going on the premise that we're getting better each week. I think that's part of the process."

Henning was asked his take on the whole Ted Ginn Jr. saga.

"Let me address Ted Ginn," he said. "Now, there's been a lot of conversation, a lot of arrows, a lot of attacks on this guy. Ted Ginn made less mistakes in that game than at least 9 other players on that offense. Ted Ginn's the only player we've had since we've been here that's gotten behind anybody's defense and been able to knock the top off a defense."

Henning was asked why the Dolphins ran the ball only eight times for 17 yards in the second half after having 22 rushes in the first half for 120 yards.

"Two reasons," Henning said. "We did run the ball successfully in the first half. We did not run the ball successfully in the third quarter. They come out and they were behind and they knew they were behind and they went all out. They were bringing nine men. In order to stop that you have to be successful in the passing game to get them off your back and therein lies why we were not successful in the fourth quarter.

"We had a number of errors -- protection errors, dropped balls, we had a number of times we didn't hit what we were aiming at. You can give credit to the New Orleans Saints defense. Now, they took a chance because you saw what happened when Brian caught the ball and went down the field. And later they were still coming after us and we were hitting on some and weren't hitting on others.

"But that's a very risky proposition to bring nine people and play the safeties 12 to 14 yards deep. And we hit some things and didn't hit some things. But that's the reason."

Basically, what Henning is telling you is that the Dolphins were betrayed by their inability to throw the ball effectively. The Dolphins have trouble throwing the ball. No revelation there. 

"Ted Ginn had a game he's not happy with and we're not happy with. But it's just like my children. I'm not always happy with my children, but I love my children. I'm going to support my children. They're what we have. He won the job. He came out of camp as one of the top 4. I believe he's one of the top 4. We're going to continue to use Ted Ginn the way we think is best to use him to help this football team."

Ted Ginn is a Miami Dolphin. Ooops, that slipped.

Actually, I've been told that regardless of Henning's defense of Ginn, it is Brian Hartline and Greg Camarillo who got most of the first-team receiver reps in practice today. I didn't see that but that's what one source is contending. The source also said Ginn will be active against the Jets Sunday so expect him to play.

But that doesn't seem to rate in Henning's mind.

"We don't start anybody," Henning insisted. "If you notice, our business with the receivers is by committee. I don't think you can call anybody the starter."

Or the playmaker.