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Faulk: Carolina or Miami RBs? Go young

The NFL Network is broadcasting Thursday night's game between the Dolphins and Panthers and that game matches what would be an interesting matchup of running backs were Ronnie Brown playing. He is not expect to.

[By the way, Brown is not practicing today while TE Anthony Fasano and CB Will Billingsley were off to the side on their own.]

Anyway, NFLN analyst Marshall Faulk was on a conference call with the media from both cities. So I asked the Pro Football Hall of Fame prospect a hypothetical question:

If he were a general manager building a franchise, which set of running backs would he select for his team? The Dolphins' RBs? Or the Panthers RBs?

"That's a tough decision because I feel like it doesn't really matter which backs you get," Faulk said. "It's based on the quarterback you get. The quarterback will dictate which kind of backs you want to have. [Jonathan] Stewart and [DeAngelo] Williams, if you have a Peyton Manning, it's kind of like, 'Is having those two guys really purposeful?'

"I feel like every back and every set of backs brings something different to the table. I like them all. I like all running backs."

OoooKaaay. As I know when someone is talking in circles, I figured it would be fair to seeks a more legit answer. So I told Faulk, "As a general manager you can't pick every running back."

"As a general manager, I should say, I would definitely go with, and this is where I don't know in this whole makeup, I would take the youngest two," Faulk finally said. "Because I feel I would more time with those guys to build around them ..."

Williams and Stewart, Carolina's tandem, are younger. Williams is only 26 years old and Stewart is 22 years old. Miami's Ronnie Brown is 27 years old and Williams is 32 years old.

But beyond age, wouldn't you pick Williams and Stewart also?

Williams rushed for 1,515 yards last year and is already the Carolina franchise's all-time leading rusher with 3,593 yards in his fourth season. Last season, Stewart gained 836 yards and finished fifth among NFL rookie backs despite having fewer carries than any other back in the top 5.

Brown, who is expected to miss Thursday's game, was a Pro Bowl player in 2008. Williams has recorded 21 career 100-yard games in his Dolphins career, including Sunday's 102-yard performance against Tampa Bay.

This season, Williams and Stewart are so far the NFL's top rushing tandem with 1,326 yards. Brown and Williams are thid with 1,206 yards. And in case you're curious, Chris Johnson and LenDale White are second with 1,295 yards.

[BLOG NOTE: Check back in a bit for updates from today's press conferences and open locker room session.]