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Miami a destination team for NFL players

Looking out beyond my office's French doors, I can see that it's hazy in South Florida this morning. The sun is nowhere to be found. But it is 75 degrees out there.

And I don't remember the last time I plowed snow from my driveway.

Maybe that's one reason so many NFL players love it down here. Many live here in the offseason. And many more, according to a Sports Illustrated player poll, would like to play here during the season.

In this week's magazine (remember those?) 296 players were asked, "Which team would you like to play for?"

More players picked the Dolphins than the New England Patriots. Can you believe that?

Most respondents (11.1 percent) picked the Dallas Cowboys. The San Diego Chargers were next at 8.5 percent and the Pittsburgh Steelers were third at 7 percent.

The Dolphins were fourth at 6.6 percent. And Miami is followed by New England at 5.9 percent.

Shockingly, neither Big Apple team is in the top 5.

Interestingly, three of the five most popular choices have not even qualified for a Super Bowl this decade.

You might argue the choices are financial ones as the Dolphins play in a state with no income tax. But why aren't the Bucs or Jacksonville up there? And why would San Diego be there with all the crazy taxes California levies?

And the choice also has not much to do with weather. Pittsburgh?

So what NFL city would you most like to live in? What team would you most want to play for?

Discuss ...

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