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Dolphins salary cap figures for entire roster

My e-mail box was full Wednesday morning with many of you commenting on the post I put up regarding Miami's total payroll in 2009. (It's below this one in case you missed it.)

Let's make a deal: If you have comments, leave them here please. I read most of the comments posted here the same day. I can also answer here. I do not always get around to reading your e-mails the same day and on days like yesterday cannot respond to everyone.

So say your peace on this forum as many of the e-mails were quite interesting and gave me ideas for future posts. This is one of those.

Many of you requested I post the salary cap numbers for the Dolphins if I had them. You're darn tootin' I have them. The salary cap numbers are important because there is a cap limit of $127,997,000 in 2009.

Obviously the Dolphins were under the limit this year, at approximately $113 million in actual cap cost plus another $8-9 million in dead money, or players no longer with the team that are still on the books -- players such as Ernest Wilford, Vonnie Holliday, Matt Roth ($1,087,000) and others.

Remember, the player's cap value is not necessarily what he is making in the season. Cap is figured by adding the player's base salary, plus pro-rated signing bonus, plus other bonuses. The pro-rated signing bonus means that if Vernon Carey received $12 million to sign his new contract, he got that money this year and it went on the total payroll.

But for cap purposes only $2 million of that $12 million counts on a pro-rated basis for 2009 because Carey signed a six-year deal and $12 million divided by six years equals $2 million per year against the cap.

What follows are the 2009 salary cap values of the players on the Dolphins roster. These figures were obtained by The Miami Herald from sources far and wide.

Player   Cap value

Jason Allen        $2,280,000

Will Allen           $5,631,240

Charlie Anderson  $2,583,333

Akin Ayodele    $2,756,240

Yeremiah Bell $4,450,000

Joe Berger $789,573

Davone Bess $394,740

Ronnie Brown    $6,056,933

Greg Camarillo  $1,750,000

Vernon Carey    $5,400,000

Dan Carpenter    $394,990

Chris Clemons    $350,625

Pat Cobbs $755,000

Channing Crowder $4,016,000

Tyrone Culver   $1,047,906

Vontae Davis   $1,225,000

John Denney   $725,500

Lionel Dotson $401,310

Anthony Fasano   $541,240

Jason Ferguson   $4,006,240

Brandon Fields    $479,758

Ikaika Alama-Francis $460,000

Andrew Gardner   $337,443

Nate Garner    $391,240

Ted Ginn Jr. $2,694,323

Jake Grove   $4,600,000

Brian Hartline   $436,243

Joey Haynos   $391,240

Chad Henne   $607,740

Lex Hilliard   $316,240

Nate Jones    $755,000

Kendall Langford  $672,305

Jake Long   $9,606,240

Brennan Marion  $215,000

David Martin   $1,270,000

Tony McDaniel  $1,025,000

Phillip Merling   $2,149,615

Quentin Moses    $466,240

Lydon Murtha   $200,588

Chad Pennington  $5,750,000

Lousaka Polite $1,006,240

Joey Porter   $7,400,000

Kory Sheets        $218,000

Justin Smiley   $3,800,000

Sean Smith     $546,250

Paul Soliai $583,740

Randy Starks $3,640,000

Jason Taylor    $1,102,860

Tyler Thigpen   $378,824

Donald Thomas   $338,657

Reggie Torbor $3,600,000

Patrick Turner    $488,575

Cameron Wake   $635,000

Erik Walden $391,240

Pat White    $726,175

Ricky Williams   $4,250,000

Gibril Wilson   $4,000,000