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RFA tenders for Dolphins are out of the bag

Only two days to the opening of unrestricted free agency and the Dolphins are bracing for March 5 by getting some financial work done.

The club has tendered all three of its restricted free agents -- Anthony Fasano, Ronnie Brown and Quentin Moses.

The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting Fasano has been tendered a contract at $1,176,000. That means the Dolphins have the right of first refusal plus the right to a pick in the player's original round should Fasano sign with another team and Miami not match the offer.

Fasano was originally drafted in the second round by the Dallas Cowboys so any team signing him would have to give the Dolphins a second-round pick for him or negotiate a trade at a lower draft compensation.

Here's an interesting tidbit that Fasano must be steaming about today: The tender for second-round compensation is $1,759,000. But because Fasano was drafted in the second round, the Dolphins simply used the lower original round tender of $1,176,000.

Miami saves itself $600,000 and still gets the same compensation should they opt not to match another team's offer for Fasano. And while that is a savings for the team, Fasano is out $600 large.

The Dolphins have tendered Brown at 110 percent of his 2009 salary. The tender is worth $3,969,239 and the Dolphins would be due a first-round pick if another team signs Brown and they don't match.

For the sake of clarification, you might remember that Brown told The Miami Herald he had an option year for 2010 and would be under contract at $5 million if there was no cap. That was true assuming both he and the Dolphins exercised the option.

The Dolphins opted not to exercise the option for obvious reasons. They have a running back coming off a significant foot injury who is not yet able to run and cut at the start of free agency. Why would they elect to pay a $5 million contract when they can use the $3.97 million tender and save themselves approximately $1 million?

Moreover, it is unlikely any team would be willing to give up a first round pick for Brown given his current condition. And, in the unlikely case some team might give up such a high pick, that would leave the Dolphins in the enviable position of either keeping Brown by matching the offer or getting a first-round pick for him.

Bottom line? Ronnie Brown will almost definitely be with Miami in 2010.

The Salguero bottom line on both tenders? Great job by the Dolphins. They didn't overpay for either tender when a more antsy organization might have overpaid. Excellent work.

The Dolphins have only one other restricted free agent -- linebacker Quentin Moses. He has three accrued seasons. We're working on finding out what the deal is with him. Assuming the Dolphins tender him, it will be for $1,101,000 which will give Miami original round draft compensation. Moses was picked in the third round of the 2007 draft by Oakland.

[Update: I have confirmed the Dolphins tendered Moses at the original draft round tender -- $1,101,000.]

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