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Sources: Dansby not flying, Rolle a possibility

Karlos Dansby is not on his way to South Florida this evening, according to The Herald's Jeff Darlington. And the Dolphins are showing initial interest in now-former Arizona safety Antrel Rolle, a source tells me.

Darlington is hearing from a source that is refuting a report in the National Football Post that said Dansby was flying to Miami Thursday evening.

This doesn't mean Dansby isn't on the Dolphins radar. The team has had eyes on him this offseason. But it does mean there will not be a wine-and-dine session beginning at midnight as some have speculated.

The truth is Dansby doesn't have to be in South Florida to be signed by the Dolphins. These things often get done on the phone with the agent. And if a contract agreement is reached, the player can sign the deal and fax it back to the team.

And as the Dolphins don't hold press conferences for their free agent acquisitions, Dansby definitely doesn't have to fly in the night free agency begins.

As for Rolle, his contract was terminated by the Cardinals today. His agent Drew Rosenhaus is now shopping Rolle as we speak.

And a source tells me their exists a possibility Rolle ends up with the Dolphins -- the team he wants to play for.

[Update: The Chicago Tribune is reporting Rosenhaus is talking to the Bears. I am reporting he's talked to at least three teams since Rolle was released. And he expects to give the Cardinals one final shot before signing with anyone other than the Dolphins. If the Dolphins are the team, Arizona doesn't get one last chance because Miami is ultimately where Rolle wants to play. Rosenhaus is able to do this because Rolle is not an unrestricted free agent. His contract was terminated and therefore he is on the market right now.]

Rolle, however, is playing this thing coyly.

'I'm leaving myself open to all markets right now," Rolle said on his blog at PlayerPress.com. "I will be looking for teams with certain defensive schemes and teams that have a good reputation as far as how the organization is run. But right now I am willing to listen to anyone."

True. But if the Dolphins interest increases, he's going to be all ears for the home team.

Rolle is a South Miami-Dade resident and a former University of Miami standout.