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Eagles want to trade up? Bring it!

There are various reports on the web now that the Philadelphia Eagles would like to make a hop, skip and a jump from the No. 24 overall selection in the first round to a higher plateau from which they can draft either Eric Berry or Earl Thomas -- considered the two best safeties in the draft.

The Dolphins, at No. 12 overall, seem to be in a solid position to pick Thomas if they want. They also seem to be in a solid spot to trade down from that pick if they want. And I am told by one team source (not one of the Trio) that there has been significant talk around the Dolphins facility about trading down.

The source also tells me much of that talk got louder in the last week when the idea of giving up a second-round pick for Brandon Marshall turned from possibility to reality. The Dolphins want to somehow get back that second round pick.

Again, the Eagles make sense. They have two second-rounders -- No. 37 overall and No. 55 overall. The Eagles would have to give up their own first-rounder plus one of the second-rounders, likely the lower pick.

The Dolphins would thus still have a first-rounder -- Philadelphia's No. 24 overall -- and make up for the second-rounder they currently lack.

Bill Parcells and Andy Reid have worked together in the past. The Dolphins sent running back Lorenzo Booker to the Eagles in 2008 for a fourth-round pick.