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Final word (I think) on Taylor offseason offer

Before we continue our regularly scheduled draft coverage, I want to share this with you. We've got a few hours before the draft begins anyway.

This morning, excellent NFL insider Adam Schefter posted this story on ESPN.com qouting a source close the situation, saying the Miami Dolphins did indeed make a contract offer to Jason Taylor after the 2009 season that included an $850,000 raise on his 2009 salary and would have raised his salary to more than $2 million.

If this is true, it would obviosly change everything because it would have meant that Taylor indeed had an opportunity to return to the Dolphins this offseason and didn't take it.

Well, the validity of the source close to the situation is up for scrutiny by actual named persons as close to the situation as you can get -- both Jason Taylor and Gary Wichard, his agent.

"Source this, source that, there was no contract offer from the Dolphins, end of story," Wichard just told me. "I never got a call from the Dolphins saying, 'We want to sign Jason. Here's the deal. That's all we can do.' If I had a contract and had told Jason, he would have said let's get this signed.

"We never had a contract he could sign before he went to (visit) New York, after he went to (visit) New York or until the day he signed with New York. There is no Dolphins contract JT could have signed at all this offseason. End of story."

The Dolphins confirmed to me this morning that as of two days ago when Taylor decided to accept an offer from the New York Jets, there was indeed no offer on the table for him to sign.

Is it possible there was a deal available to Taylor in the days just after the 2009 season ended and the offseason began, I asked. My source did not know that for certain one way or the other.

Taylor this week told South Florida media there was a contract extension proposal during the 2009 season but that offer was withdrawn by the time the regular-season ended.

He called a source suggesting he had a chance to sign any Miami contract this offseason, "a liar."

Me? I'm done with this. It is draft day. Jason Taylor is a New York Jet. The Miami Dolphins will draft his replacement today or in the coming days. Can't we all just get along?

[BLOG NOTE: I'll be posting again in a bit just prior to kicking off the draft coverage. There will be a live blog here today. Join me. It should be a good time.]