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If Parcells loves Tebow what does that mean?

I have said on this blog and on a couple of radio shows that I've been a guest on that Tim Tebow is a bigger, stronger, better Pat White.

Everything the Dolphins liked about White last year, Tebow brings to the table this year only with greater promise -- speed being the one exception. Tebow could run the spread formation, has a better arm, is more accurate, is more powerful as a runner, and has the prototypical size that White at 5-11 and 195 pounds lacks.

Tebow is simply an upgrade on Pat White.

And now comes this report from Pat Kirwin of Sirius Radio and NFL.com that Bill "Parcells loves Tebow."

The report includes Miami among the darkhorse teams to pick Tebow in the coming NFL draft.

And I cannot disagree!

Tebow is a winner and with the right apprenticeship, he will be a good NFL quarterback. If he's still there in the third round and the Dolphins are on the clock -- granted probably won't happen, but the remote possibility exists -- it would not surprise that he could be the pick.

Do Tebow's throwing mechanics need further work? Yes.

Does Tebow need to grow into being an NFL quarterback? Yes.

In both instances, the same can be said of Pat White. White is still very raw and the Dolphins are still trying to refine his mechanics. The difference between the two are Tebow has more upside because, again, he is more accurate and has a stronger arm. 

You are probably thinking that the Dolphins have too many serious needs to stockpile yet another project quarterback. But the fact is quarterbacks are valuable. They are currency. Former Green Bay general manager Ron Wolf, a Parcells buddy, proved that time and time and time again.

So is picking Tebow in the coming draft a likelihood? No, he'll probably be gone by the time the Dolphins pick in the second round and almost definitely be gone by their third round selection.

But I remind you that the Dolhins draft for value. I remind you Parcells has a high regard for adding his "guys," and I'm thinking Tebow might qualify as he has hired the same agent, Jimmy Sexton, that also represents Parcells and Tony Sparano and Jason Ferguson.

So if the seemingly unthinkable happens and Tebow is there when Miami picks in the third round (73rd overall), hold your breath.

Because Tebow might be a value pick the Dolphins cannot resist.