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Introducing A.J. Edds -- No. 49!

Getting ready to go out to the first practice of this rookie minicamp and I have one thing to report before taking that walk:

A.J. Edds has been reassigned to No. 49. Originally, he was slated to wear No. 54, which in my humble opinion would have been a mistake. The team is avoiding any issue with this now. Good for them! 

Let me share really quickly some of the names here today. No time to tell you about them so google them:

K Parker Douglas, P Aaron Perez, WR Ryan Grice-Mullen, WR Julius Pruitt, WR Marlon Moore, RB Tristan Davis, FB Mick Turner, S Nate Ness, DB Jonathan Amaya, FB Rolly Lumbala, T Dan Ryan, LS Andy Huffman, LS Andy Leavine, OL Kris Doura, DT, Vince Oghobasse, WR Isaiah Williams, DE Alex Field.

The guys whose names are in italics are tryout guys.