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Ted Ginn perhaps not so classy after all

Well, that didn't take long. Approximately two hours after I wrote a post that said Ted Ginn Jr. went out with class upon being traded from the Dolphins to 49'ers, Ginn did something he did quite often with the Dolphins.

He dropped the ball.

Responding to a follower on his twitter feed who told Ginn he was happy "you are gone!" the receiver responded with an expletive-laced response that would make anyone pause. He used the F-word. He used the N-word. He used the B-word that rhymes with ditch.

My man Mike Marchant, a producer and board op at 790 The Ticket, retweeted to me the Ginn tweet. I will not quote it here. But if you wish to see it (why would you?) you can check out Marchant's twitter page and see it for yourself.

Look, Ginn has the been the target of a lot of derision. He's been the object of many jokes and much criticism. Guess what? It comes with the territory.

It wasn't the man's fault he was picked No. 9 overall in 2007. But I don't remember him giving back any of $19.6 million that draft status brought to him. And it was his fault he failed to become anything more than a kick returner in three years with the Dolphins.

So the criticism was warranted.

Does that mean hatred was warranted? No. But criticism? Yes.

There is a difference.

Ginn was unprofessional in the manner he responded to a former fan in this one instance. He is human. And he is young -- only 25 years old. But he is a public personality. And he should have known better.

Too bad.