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Do not sweat the Misi and Odrick contract talks

Jared Odrick and Koa Misi will be signed by the Miami Dolphins. I guarantee you this will happen. So why are you all wondering, some of you even sweating, whether it is getting done or not.

The Dolphins will begin practice Friday and chances are good both players will be on the field or at least in the fold. Both have offers on the table.

Odrick has a couple of offers in that he can pick one of either pact, whichever suits him best, and either gets him to relatively fair number within the slot he occupies. His agent Drew Rosenhaus and the Dolphins negotiators haven't been talking everyday lately but will talk later today or tomorrow morning. Misi, so close to a deal on at least one occassion earlier this week, is still working on language and details and crossing every "i" and dotting every "t." (Yeah, that was supposed to be funny.)

So both of these guys will probably get done by Friday afternoon. And if not, they'll get signed sometime over the weekend. Or they'll probably get done next week.

I do not foresee a protracted, clumsy, uncomfortable, heated holdout for either of these guys.

So chill.

Yes, fans find it hard to relax about these things because they want to pound their chest and feel at ease over the fact their two most prized rookies are in camp and won't miss even one second of a meeting or a practice.

And don't get me wrong, it is important that these guys don't delay the inevitable.

But with Odrick we're talking about the 28th overall selection, for God's sake. We're not talking a Jake Long contract here. The 27th overall selection -- New England's Devin McCourty -- signed a five-year, $10 million deal that can be worth a maximum of $13 million. The deal includes $7.825 million guaranteed.

So, basically, Odrick should get a five-year deal with approximately $7.8 million guaranteed.

It will get done! Sure, there is pressure on the Dolphins to get Odrick signed because they lost Phillip Merling, and the legion of replacements they've been signing lately are just bridge players to get them over an unexpected hump.

But, you know what? There is also pressure on agent Drew Rosenhaus to get Odrick in camp. Rosenhaus is local and he values the way his dealings with the Dolphins are portrayed in the media because players read those accounts. A holdout is bad business for the agent as well as the team.

So it benefits both sides to get this thing done.

Misi should be signed already. It boggles the mind he is not. Fact is, as stated above the two sides seemed agreed to a deal earlier this week only to encounter last-minute wording issues. The money part shouldn't be the main concern here.

Misi, a second-round pick, was the 40th player selected. Players selected at No. 39 (Arrelious Benn) and at No. 41 (Torrell Troup) both are signed.

Misi will sign a four-year deal that will pay him between $4.5-$4.8 million overall with the guaranteed money coming in around $2.7 million.

I predict Misi will be done by the time the Dolphins get on the field tomorrow. And if not, don't sweat it. It will get done.

Both contracts will get done!

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