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Most eye-popping player in camp so far? Dansby!

The one player who has impressed Dolphins coach Tony Sparano most?

Karlos Dansby.

That was the coach's answer a few moments ago when I asked which player has been the most eye-popping so far in this young training camp.

"I personally don't like to single out any of these guys, but I've been really impressed with what's happening with Dansby right now," Sparano said. "The combination of him and Channing [Crowder] right now, when you're watching them communicate and watching them going what they're going through in the huddle together has been really impressive to me.

"To have someone like that, with that kind of range and that kind of skills has been pretty good out there. Karlos would be the guy for me."

So what has Dansby shown?

"He runs so well for a big guy," Sparano gushed. "When Karlos sees it, he pulls the trigger right away. Some poeple don't do that. They see it and they don't quite pull the trigger. So now it's a missed tackle or an almost [play]. With him, he sees it pretty fast and gets there in a hurry ... It's rare when you find the kind of players that are able to do that and I think he has that ability."

Got to get off fast

After my short eight-week vacation this summer, The Herald is milking me for every ounce of work the past week. I wrote my third column in as many days for Sunday's paper, this one detailing how difficult the season's early stretch promises to be and exactly what the Dolphins have done and must do to make that stretch a success. Check it out, please. 

Misi gets bigger

Several reporters have commented how Koa Misi looks bigger than he did after the draft.

Your eyes know truth.

Sparano said Misi gained between 10 and 11 pounds during the eight weeks he was in the team's strength program the mini camp. So the kid is around 255 pounds now. And the unexpected upside from the added muscle weight?

"He's running better than he did then," Sparano said. "He's got his legs under him better."

Sparano: No movement on Merling

As a matter of bookeeping, I asked coach whether the Dolphins have made a roster move or decision on what to do with Phillip Merling.

"No not yet," he said.

Well, coincidently, there is a report that contradicts the coach.

Look, I don't know which is correct, although I obviously defer to the coach's word.

I do know this: Merling is out for the year. The Dolphins must make a roster move with him eventually. And the team has no intention of paying his full $600,000 salary in 2010. The club will negotiate a settlement with Merling's agent to bring that figure to a more reasonable height considering the kid got hurt while working out away from the team.