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Dansby: Knee great because God took care of it

GREEN BAY -- If you saw today's game, particularly the ending, you didn't see a whole lot of Karlos Dansby on the field.

The Dolphins defensive captain was on the sideline nursing what he thought could be a blown knee. Except the hyper-extended knee has apparently suffered no major damage, according to Dansby.

And the reason Dansby believes the knee is good enough to play another day is because God took care of it. Pure. Simple.

“Man, it scared me, man," Dansby said after the game. "God was with me in that moment. He took care of me. He took care of me in that situation and I thank Him. Anybody else, it would have been a torn ACL or anything like that. Something in the knee would have been torn – bottom line.”

Dansby said he was pushed from behind and as he was falling he got a foot stuck in the ground while the other knee was caught in a pile he could not escape. "It was the scariest thing I've ever been in," he said. "Any kind of situation on the field, that was the scariest one I've ever been in."

But there's no need to fear when God is on your team, Dansby believes.

"My knee is great. I’m blessed," Dansby said. "He took care of me in that moment. He took care of me. And I give him all the praise and the glory.”