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Brandon Marshall guarantees playoff berth for Dolphins

Brandon Marshall just guaranteed the Miami Dolphins will be in the playoffs this season.

"Oh, yeah, absolutely," Marshall said when asked if he was guaranteeing a playoff berth.

"I don't know how many wins it's going to take," he continued, "but we'll be there at the end."

Marshall is not blind. He recognizes the team is struggling. The Dolphins are 4-4. And Marshall characterized Miami's offensive performances so far as, "up and down."

But ... the confidence. The ever-loving confidence peeks through eventually.

"Any minute now, we're going to put it all together," he said.

By the way, wise guys, Marshall meant he guarantees a playoff berth this year, not some day. Just in case some of you get cute.

By the way, Marshall isn't the only person in the NFL exuding confidence today. At New York Jets training facility, coach Rex Ryan was back to his old Hard Knocks ways.

"We have more talent than anybody," he said during his press conference. "I expect to win every game."

Which one is more likely to be true?