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Merriman to the Bills, Moss still in play.

The San Diego Union Tribune, Fox Sports and ESPN are all reporting the Buffalo Bills have put in a claim for linebacker Shawne Merriman.

So much for that possibility with the Dolphins.

The Bills, with the worst record in the NFL, have first dibs on claiming a player that has been cut by his team as Merriman was yesterday. The Dolphins were rumored to be interested in possibly claiming Merriman but I had not been able to confirm that interest.

I did, as you might know, confirm yesterday Miami's interest in Randy Moss and he remains in play. Frankly, I think the Dolphin could use the Moss rental much more than the Merriman rental, anyway.

It is not certain the Dolphins will claim Moss. It is not certain if they do claim Moss, they will be the first in line to take him home. It is certain their is strong interest so you much stay tuned to see what happens. Coach Tony Sparano will speak to the media at 3:30 p.m. so I will update you after he spills his guts about Miami's plans for Moss. (Please do not hold your breath.)

[UPDATE: Sparano was asked to comment and here is his answer: "I'm not going to make comments on what we're going to do before waivers. It's not good for us."]