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Henning on things wrong with the Dolphins offense

Dan Henning is the Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator. Everything that offense does -- or fails to do -- is supposed to be Henning's responsibility.

Henning isn't shy about telling you his offense isn't producing at a level that is acceptable to everyone. Actually, how couldn't he deny it. But the veteran coach is clearly of the thinking that players and their execution are the only things that make an offense go or stall.

His responsibility in the entire recipe? Rarely if ever mentioned.

Take today's press conference for example. The Dolphins offense has sucked struggled the past couple of weeks and most of the season. What does Henning believe is wrong?

On what is the central issue of the running game's problems: "Blocking. That's the issue ... Second level blocking. Getting to the second level. Breaking tackles. Same as it always is."

On the passing game: "We haven't done very well here in the passing game lately ... There's a lot of moving parts in the passing game. Sometimes it's difficult to pin down what the major problem is  or what the problems are and sometimes you might just run into a team that is playing pretty good or weather conditions and that type of thing. But we can't continue to exist with as little a passing game as we had last week. We have to do better than that."

Henning mentioned a Chad Henne gaffe in miscalling one protection during Sunday's game. He said the quarterback missed Fasano on a play when the tight end was open.

And then Henning broke down the whole picture for us, relating his thoughts on why the Dolphins are 31st in the NFL in points scored:

"We have to block better. We have to throw better. We have to run better routes. We have to catch the ball. We cannot have penalties. We have to move the ball in a more consistent, efficient manner than we have in the last three week -- not unlike we did in the Raiders game."

None of this is wrong. Henning is to be applauded for his relative candor. But I struggle with the fact that not once does the coach mention that, well, his coaching could perhaps have been better on an occasion or two or 10 this season.

It's like he is disconnected from the mess. It's as if he only calls plays and if the execution is 100 percent by those darn imperfect players, the plays he calls would work perfectly.

I'm trying not to be harsh or unfair. I've been told by a couple of folks that coach Tony Sparano is "disappointed" with me because I'm holding some of his assistants, such as Henning, responsible for some of the Dolphins struggles this year.

Well, maybe if some of those assistants would hold themselves responsible, I wouldn't have to say a word.