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Dolphins lose 17-14 to the Bills -- terrible

The Dolphins were driving. They were ins.ide the Buffalo Bills 35 yard line. Chad Henne had driven them from deep in his own territory, which meant he was hot on a day he was otherwise not too good.

And on second-and-10 Dan Henning pulled Henne and ran a Wildcat play.

It gained not one yard.

Second and 10 went to third and 10. And that ended in an incomplete pass. And Miami went for a game-tying field goal inside of two minutes to play. It is the story of this season, folks.

Except Dan Carpenter missed it like he missed his other three kicks this day.

So Dolphins played for a tie and lost, 17-14.

At home.

The Buffalo Bills.


Don't talk playoffs to me. There will be no playoffs.