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The name of the better QB in Sunday's game? Fitzpatrick

The enduring memory I have of Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is him getting around the edge of the Dolphins 2009 defense and running for a TD.

And as the Dolphins prepare for Sunday's game against the Bills, I am impressed that my trusty stat sheet that surprises because it says Fitzpatrick is a solid quarterback who border on being pretty good. He has 21 TDs to 11 interceptions. He's completing 58.5 percent of his passes. And his rating is 85.0.

Put another way, the Bills will start the best quarterback in the game on Sunday.

"I've been very impressed with him. I'm very impressed watching the film," Miami defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said. "I didn't know what to expect because I did not study him until this week. I watched him in the past a little bit. When I was at San Francisco and he was at Cincinnati we played them. And I remember watching him before the game in warmups and thinking, 'This guy is pretty good.'

"Watching the film I've been very much impressed. He's got great eyes for a quarterback. If he hears that he'll think that sounds a little strange. he does an outstanding job with his eyes. He does an outstanding job getting rid of the ball. He knows the offense. He plays extremely intelligent and what I mean by that is he doesn't have to stare things down to know exactly where people are going to be. I've been very impressed."

That is not all.

"He's very resilient," Nolan said. "He doesn't get flustered by a bad down. We've played a lot of good quarterbacks all season long but this guy's got my attention he's got the player's attention, too."