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Troy Drayton shares thoughts on the Dolphins


Dolphins players and former players have been telling you what they think about all things relative to the franchise in the days since the regular season ended and owner Stephen Ross flirted with the idea of replacing Tony Sparano in a manner that failed protocol.

Former tight end Troy Drayton, who played in Miami from 1996-99, was a guest on Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports in South Florida and I share with you the interview above.

Drayton shares his opinion of the season. He shares his opinion of the last few weeks (hint: he used the word "fiasco"). I asked him if people like you, the fans, will forgive and forget going forward.

Eventually the conversation turned to Chad Henne. Drayton saw what you saw. "He regressed," he said.

But Drayton has an interesting take on Henne going forward. Drayton also talked about Tyler Thigpen, whom he apparently likes more than Henne at this point.

Click the link and listen.

And come back later as I'll upload an interview we did with former University of Miami, New York Giants, St. Louis Cardinals RB O.J. Anderson. You will appreciate the story he gives you about how Bill Parcells dealt with him back in the day.