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Quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks

What can most of us agree on?

It's about the quaterback. In the NFL it is always about the quarterback. Quarterbacks, quarterback, quarterbacks.

Teams have won titles without great ones -- if you believe digging back over a decade when rules were different is fair. But if you're talking about the game lately, you cannot win it all without a fine QB.

That's the reason my Sunday column is all about quarterbacks. I tell you some stuff about Miami's history of chasing quarterbacks that might surprise you. I tell you stuff of the coming chase for a quarterback that is affected by the job status of coach Tony Sparano and GM Jeff Ireland. And I tell you how chasing vets like Marc Bulger or Kevin Kolb might be harder than you think.

One thing I failed to mention was a rising name among NFL people that should not be overlooked by the Dolphins: Green Bay quarterback Matt Flynn.

It's widely believed the Packers will listen to trade offers for Flynn this offseason because they understand Flynn may eventually depart via free agency and they would get nothing for him in return. so getting something now might be more palatable than getting nothing later.

Some NFL teams believe Flynn might be ready begin his career as an NFL starter. He'd have learning to do. He'd have to ripen a bit. But his performance in Week 15 against New England made some folks pay attention. Flynn started for Aaron Rodgers and completed 24 of 37 passes for 251 yards, with three TDs and one INT in the game.

So against a team that has had a QB advantage over the Dolphins for a decade, Flynn completed 64.1 percent of his passes and had a 100.2 rating. Yes, the Packers lost 31-27 to New England, but if you watched the game you understand Flynn did his part.

And that is at least worth considering if you're the Dolphins.

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